If you treat kids with constipation, this cute poop chart kit is for you.

Are you tired of referring patients to the all too realistic drawings of poop on the classic Bristol stool chart?

I am a pediatrician and lifestyle medicine doctor and I talk about poop everyday with my patients. I made this to help kids talk more comfortably about their poop with their parents and their healthcare provider when dealing with issues like constipation.

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    The Cute Poop Chart

    Teach kids how to rate their poop to discover if they might be dealing with constipation or diarrhea with cute poop drawings.

    Poop Diary

    Kids keep track of which days they poop and what it looks like without having to describe it. This can be embarrassing for some kids. It is a great way to provide feedback to both their parents and pediatricians.

    High Fiber Foods

    Let happy poop #4 teach kids which foods have high fiber to increase fiber in their diet so that they can have happy poops.